The sun, beginning to sink towards the horizon, casted relaxed shadows on the red dirt. The reflection of the sun on the water sparkled, and the wind blew just enough to rustle the bright green grass. It was the most beautiful evening, but not just because of the scenery and weather. Our team stood by the lake for a very special occasion – to celebrate the baptism of Francoise.

Francoise is a student in the Young Scholars program. She is also a true orphan, and some of the people who are left in her family have in the past neglected her. This day, she became a member of a real family. Because of the influence of the Young Scholars Program, she desired to study the Scriptures and came to a personal decision to be baptized. Before entering the water, she was asked to share her testimony. Being a shy young lady, she pondered her words carefully before giving a short, perfect, and unforgettable answer. “I am deciding to follow Jesus because I know he is the only Savior, and he is the only way to God, my father.”

With that testimony and her confession of belief in Jesus as the son of God, she descended into the water, gave her life to Christ, and became an adopted child. An orphan found a father. As she walked out of the water with a bursting smile on her face, we sang “I have decided to follow Jesus” and shared wet hugs and words of encouragement.

“Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation. God settles the solitary in a home.” (Psalm 68:5-6)

This day, God, the father of the fatherless, welcomed an orphan into his great big family and settled her into a new home. She is no longer alone, no longer without a family. By the grace of God and the faithfulness of his saints to love her and share the good news of Jesus with her, there is one less orphan in the world tonight.




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