Naaymin – Orphaned due to accident

Naaymin-Bowrma came to us on the 7th of October 2011. He was a very hungry boy coming to us after his mother’s traditional three day funeral. He had only been given water and Dolo (a common low alcohol drink made out of corn). Naaymin-Bowrma’s mother died suddenly one day as she was climbing a tree to gather leaves for their meal. No one had been with her and it was only after the Naaymin-Bowrma started to cry that the family became aware that the mother had not returned. The family went to search for her only to find her dead at the bottom of the tree. After a few days that he had been in the program, Naaymin-Bowrma became very ill with malaria. At one point, we felt we were loosing him. He had stopped eating and a feeding tube was used to feed and give him medication. We spent many hours tending and praying over this little infant. After two weeks there were signs of his improvement. He continued to remain in the Infant in Distress Program until her turned two years old. Naaymin-Bowrma is now a healthy six year old boy and attending school.

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