Young Scholars Program

Ministry Description

The Young Scholars program exists to further the education of orphans, abandoned children and young girls at risk who otherwise would not have the chance to complete their education and obtain a job by providing scholarships, school supplies, books, uniforms, tutoring, basic care, skills training and Biblical teaching to ensure that they have every reasonable chance to succeed in higher education or in learning a skill in order to become self-supporting Christian adults and leaders. Through the sponsorship program, each student receives the funds necessary for annual school fees, supplies, and uniforms. The program also provides bicycles for those who need transportation, as well as a lighted hangar where they can come to study and receive tutoring.

Ministry Objectives

In Burkina Faso, where access to education is limited and the resources to achieve it are fewer still, STREAMS in Burkina Faso is assisting young people by opening the doors for their future through education. Our primary goal is that each student achieves the B.E.P.C., which is equivalent to a high school diploma or a skilled trade to become self-supporting. In addition, the students are mentored under the leadership of one of our national team members who has a strong passion for young people, their future in education, and the Word of God. The students participate in a weekly Bible study each Saturday where they are discovering truths from the Bible and are growing spiritually. In doing so, several students from all sorts of backgrounds become Christians each year.

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