Ministry Description

Nothing is accomplished without prayer! No ministry program, no effort no matter how strong or savvy, no worthy cause, or response to incredible human need will be able to bear fruit for God and receive His blessing without depending 100% on Him. Prayer is our #1 strategy. Everything begins and ends with prayer, and is bathed in prayer! We base our personal lives, our team life, our weekly schedule, and every aspect of our ministry on prayer. As we go to God boldly, asking for things that are beyond us, in a unified and persistent way, God is responding with things greater than we imagined so that all may see it is God who has done this! We invite you to read and consider these passages related to praying boldly in the name of Jesus to see how God will answer you: John 14:13-14; 15:7, 16; 16:23-24.

Ministry Objectives

Join us in praying for these objectives to be accomplished this year:

    • May 2016 be a year of victory over the darkness
    • May God give the church leaders the ability to do his work
    • May God raise up and multiply the leaders of the churches
    • May God provide the technical and financial means necessary for the construction of the Infant Rescue Center by the end of this year. Pray for the completion of the security wall around the property.
    • Pray for the churches to be strengthened and experience real transformation in their communities
    • Pray that each church can obtain their own land and the necessary resources to be able to construct their buildings
    • Pray for God to give the church leaders the ability to evangelize and plant new churches
    • Pray for the planting of a church in the town where we are based by March 2017
    • Pray that all the literacy program students from 2015 and 2016 could put into practice their newly gained knowledge to read and write in Dagara
    • Pray for the human resources, financial and technical resources to take care of the infants in our infants in distress program
    • Pray for the health, protection, and growth of the infants in our program…may we not lose one child this year
    • Pray for the creation of a follow up program for the children who have graduated from the infants in distress program, that each child may grow up to know Christ, their Savior.
    • Pray for the effective launch of a children’s ministry in the villages, that many children may come to know Christ and accept him as their personal Savior. Pray for the training of children’s ministry monitors for each village church.
    • Pray for the students in the young scholars program to receive a good education but also to develop their spiritual lives.
    • Pray that all the research, installation, follow up, and maintenance for our water well pumps will have a spiritual impact in the lives of people.
    • Pray that God will open the door to increase our human resources, partnerships, and collaboration, with Burkinabés as well as Americans, and that new team members may receive the necessary support to sustain them.
    • Above all else, pray that the members of our team will know Christ more deeply and make him known so that the name of God is glorified. (A prayer adapted from John 17:1-3)
    • Holy Father, guard us by the strength of your name, sanctify us, and give us unity, love, and joy to accomplish your work. (A prayer adapted from John 17)

May God do even more! – Ephesians 3:20-21

All for the glory of God!

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