Literacy Training

Ministry Description

The primary objective of the Literacy Training Project is to reach both Christians within the church and members of the community to give them the opportunity to read the Word of God in their own heart language, and to improve their quality of life, as well as to advance in personal and community enterprises. To do that, we use a chain method that allows the learners to acquire this ability through four consecutive months of teaching and practice. National literacy materials are used along with some Biblical stories near the end of the training.

Ministry Objectives

STREAMS’ objective is to open 10 literacy centers where we already have a strong Christian witness and teach 300 new learners how to read and write in Dagara Wule. Our aim is that these learners will use literacy to read the Word of God for themselves and in the churches that we have established. Each year many are converted to Christ along the way. As we look down the road, we want to be able to teach 1,000 people per year so that our churches will be strengthened even more and that many more people can be evangelized and brought to Christ.

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