Gloria – Abandoned at birth

Gloria was born during the night to an unwed mother who, being so ashamed of her predicament, threw her baby and her placenta in a black plastic sack under a tree on a hillside in the early morning hours before sunrise. When the sun rose, and a local man on his way to the fields heard the baby’s faint cries. He found her cold and barely alive. She was just hours old. The authorities were alerted and our team with the Infants in Distress Program were contacted. The baby was taken to the hospital and kept for observation until she was in stable condition. Eventually, she was released into the care of the Infants in Distress Program and was placed with a foster family. Her caregivers named her Namwimbora Gloria, which means “God wants her.” But her story does not end there…Gloria grew and thrived in the care of her foster family but that is not the goal of the Infants in Distress program. From the beginning Infants in Distress mission believed God did not want to create an orphanage but provide the means for the family to care for their own. The Infants in Distress Program gave Gloria the necessary needs to sustain and fulfill her life, while her mother was receiving the education and encouragement she and her family needed to bring Gloria home.

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