Fleur – Orphan and family believes infant is cursed

In this culture, orphaned children are often considered a curse. Yet, God does not leave the banished alone…He sets them in families. When a family rejects a child due to the mother dying in childbirth, finding host families to help raise them is vital to their survival. Today we confidently placed this orphan baby girl with our first host family. Her name is Joceline, a widow in our church movement. Our goal is to place the baby back with her natural family as soon as possible after teaching and training has occurred. Our team over the next year will be re-educating the family from their traditional world view to understand that the baby is not cursed and will not harm them. From the start of the Infants in Distress Program, we believe God told us not to build an orphanage but to teach His church to love and care for orphans. Today was the beginning of that, and it is our prayer that we can identify and train 1-2 host families per church within our church movement. Imagine how that kind of love and hope could transform a culture of fear and despair.

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