Alassane – Orphaned by mother due to accident

alassaneMeet Alassane KAMBOULE who is 9 months old from a remote village. He became an orphan tragically just a few weeks ago. His mother was climbing a tree to cut dry branches for her family to cook the evening meal when she fell to her death. The grandmother from his father’s family is caring for Alassane. She is a Christian member of the church movement. She is also a widow but lives with her two sons. She wanted to thank those in the U.S.A. who give to this program. She said, “Before learning about this program, she felt very much alone. Now, she and others who are dealing with the same problems she is are very encouraged. She also said she wonders where all the women who come to this program would go if this program did not exist. She wanted to thank everyone who continues to help save the babies. They would not be alive otherwise as we had no way to care for them. Grand Merci!”

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